Rediscovered Shooting Treasures

FN Model 88

High Power Automatic Pistol

 Reproduction Manual





FN - Fabrique Nationale Model 88 High Power Automatic Pistol factory owners manual reproduction. This is a large fold out two sided manual that is folded to form nine pages. Open it measures 32" by 6 ¼". Closed it is 8 1/2" by 6 ¼" with pictures and text in English covering General Data, To Remove the Magazine, To Fill the Magazine, To Cock the Pistol, Firing, Unloading, Safeties, External Hammer, Magazine Safety, Upkeep, Partial Dismantling, reassembling, including the magazine, a cut away diagram of the pistol with numbered parts plus a regular parts diagram with parts list. Printed from high resolution scans of an original at the correct size in full color. The original was printed in black and white but these are printed in full color to capture the very slight yellowing in some areas for enhanced display value. This is the manual that came from the factory with your firearm when new. Great information and a nice display item.

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