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Factory Instruction Manual Reproductio





Lyman All-American Perma-Center Telescopic Sight factory owners instruction manual reproduction. Printed from high resolution scans of an original with natural aging captured for enhanced display value. Printed at the correct size in full color. Twelve pages counting covers covering the Guarantee, specifications, powers and detailed specifications for each power, reticle selection chart, windage and elevations adjustment instructions, re-zeroing the Perma-Center Reticle focusing the reticle, tru_Lock Mounts and their installation, a scope base chart for the popular files of the day, information on parallax, parallax adjustment for the 8X and 10X scopes, sighting in, factory service and does and don't for the scopes. This is the manual that came from the factory with your All-American Perma-Center when new. Great information and a nice display item.


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