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Marlin 989M2

What a fun little rifle!


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Marlin Models

Marlin Sight In Guide

Marlin Glenfield 10, 20 and 25

Marlin Glenfield 30

Marlin 39 and 39-A

Marlin 39D, 39A ArticleII and 39M Article II

Marlin Golden 39A and 39M

Marlin Golden 39-A Mountie

Marlin Precision No. 1 - 4 Power Scope

Marlin 49

Marlin 56

Marlin 57 & 57-M

Marlin Glenfield 60

Marlin 62

Marlin 65E

Marlin Glenfield 70

Marlin Glenfield 75

Marlin 80-DL

Marlin 81-DL

Marlin 90 Shotgun

Marlin 99

Marlin 101

Marlin 120

Marlin 336

Marlin 444

Marlin 780

Marlin 781

Marlin 782

Marlin 783

Marlin 980

Marlin 989

Marlin 1894

Marlin 1895

Marlin Goose Gun

Marlin L.C. Smith

Marlin Sako 322