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Mauser HSc Pistol

Instruction Manual Reproduction






Mauser HSc 32 ACP and 380 ACP Factory Instruction Manual Reproduction. Made with quality scans of an original this 30 page plus covers manual has great pictures as well as text on many pages. Printed in full color to capture the aged look of an old document. Starts with an over view of the pistol and its design features. Continues covering "What takes place inside the pistol when it is fired". Covers complete and detailed operating instructions, care of the pistol, specifications by caliber, a fill in table to catalog your pistol and a large fold out with cut away views plus a parts diagram and parts list. Even if your lucky enough to have an original you can put it away and use a reproductions as a working document to protect your original. This was printed to accompany a post war pistol but it applies equally well to the war year HSc's. Great information and a nice display item.


Item # 0326 - $9.95 plus shipping.