Rediscovered Shooting Treasures

Savage Anschutz 54 and 54M

Reproduction Manual and Hang Tag








Savage Anschutz 54 and 54M factory instruction manual reproduction. Printed from high resolution scans of an original with natural aging captured for enhanced display value. Printed at the correct size in full color. Folded sheet forming 4 pages with pictures and text featuring a parts diagram with parts list, instructions for inserting the bolt, removing the bolt, loading, adjusting the sights, disassembling the bolt, cleaning and care and trigger adjustment. This is the manual that came from the factory with your firearm when new. Great information and a nice display item.

Item # 0339 - $4.95 plus shipping.



Savage Anschutz 54 Sporter factory hang tag reproduction. Reproduced with quality full color scans of an original. Bi-fold hang tag design covering brief features overview, inserting the bolt and a blank fill in table for cataloging your rifle, Great information and a nice display item.

Item # 0005 - $4.85 plus shipping.