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Walther P-38

Factory Instruction Manual Reproduction





Walther P-38 factory instruction manual reproduction.. Made with quality scans of an original. Twenty two pages plus the covers. Many fine pictures and text covering an overview, specifications, a section view of the pistol, color pictures and text showing the workings at different stages of loading and firing, loading, filling the magazine, single action firing, double action firing, operating the safety, unloading, disassembly, assembly, cartridge performance charts and specifications, a parts diagram and parts list, accessories and conversion unit information and an index. A must have if you have one of these fine Walther pistols or one of the P-38's made by other contract manufacturers or clones. Applicable for commercial and military/police pistols. Even if your lucky enough to have an original you can put it away and use a reproduction as a working document to protect your original. Great information and a nice display item.

Item # 0804 - $9.95 plus shipping.